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Provides access to procfs, which is a filesystem-like abstraction for UNIX process metadata contained in /proc, as well as features for examining and controlling the state of processes external to the FreeM interpreter.

The first subscript always represents the process ID of the external process being acted upon.

The following values for the second subscript are supported:


Returns 1 if the referenced process exists; 0 otherwise.


Exposes the /proc files as descendant subscripts, i.e., WRITE ^$ZPROCESS(2900,"ATTRIBUTES","cmdline"),! would print the initial command line used to invoke process ID 2900.


Allows signals to be sent to the referenced process. The following subscript is an integer value corresponding to the desired signal number. You may obtain a list of signal numbers on most UNIX systems with the command kill -l.

The constants %SYS.SIGNAL.HUP, %SYS.SIGNAL.INT, %SYS.SIGNAL.KILL, and %SYS.SIGNAL.TERM are provided for convenient use of this SSV subscript.

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