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30 Accessing FreeM from C Programs

FreeM provides a library, ‘libfreem.so’, as well as corresponding header file ‘freem.h’, allowing C programmers to write programs that access FreeM globals, locals, structured system variables, subroutines, and extrinsic functions. This functionality can be used to implement language bindings and database drivers for external systems.

In order to be used in your C programs, your C programs must link with ‘libfreem.so’ and include ‘freem.h’. This will allow your C code access to the function prototypes, data structures, and constants required for calling the ‘libfreem.so’ APIs.

You must exercise caution in developing programs that interface with FreeM through ‘libfreem.so’ to ensure that all ‘libfreem.so’ API calls are serialized, as FreeM and the ‘libfreem.so’ library are neither thread-safe nor reentrant.

You must also avoid setting signal handlers for SIGALRM, as FreeM uses SIGALRM to manage timeouts for LOCK, READ, and WRITE.

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